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  • Participation Mystique

    It takes courage, vision and dedication in order to successfully change how your business operate.
    Cult brand is born when a group of individuals rally round a brand's lifestyle.
    This happens when people feel bound to a brand because they feel it has become part of their identity
    The customers are drawn together by a set of complex psychological factors that has been tagged participation mystique.
    Is the customer identity is tied to your brand?
    It is a powerful psychological force that allows the customer express a deeper part of their self.
    So the price might have little to do with them buying the products.
    This type of brands are successful because they allow;
    Customers be who they want to be and not the person they are forced to be.
    Cult brands provide a route to self- expression
    That feels natural and Intuitive to their brand lovers.
    It breeds a sense of belonging which is a core social need of humans.

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