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  • Shun Merchant Mind-Set

    You have to let go of the Merchant Mind-set !

    That s an exclusive focus on the short term bottom-line i.e.

    An operation which too tightly focused on generating the next transaction.

    Sun Tzu said "if a battle cannot be won, Do not fight it".

    Are you battling for the next transaction you may win each day,

    And in the end lose everything.

    On the other hand, If you are battling to be great

    You must believe In customer loyalty...

    • Which Is not a myth nor Lie
    • It is very achievable and attainable
    • Offer intangible benefits that exceeds price, selection and location
    • Building relationships with your customers
    Never, ever, ever....
    1. Do whatever it takes to squeeze one more sale out of your customers 
    2. Neither should you believe that low price means lowered quality 
    3. Consider customer service and support as an expensive endeavour
    Source: Bolivar J Bueno

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