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  • Cultism Is Scary, Branding Isn't πŸ˜‚

    The mere mention of the word cult is enough to give us a scare. πŸ˜”
    The fear is not uncalled for as it is indeed true that we have more than one reason to be suspicious of the word. However today we can differentiate between a benign and destructive cult.

    As entrepreneurs that would love to be great
    It is always advisable to go..
    Be Benign with your cult brand.

    Rick Ross describes a benign cult as any group of people that are intensely devoted to a person, place, thing or even products!
    But where the relationship between cult brand is harmless.
    Entrepreneurs interested in creating a benign brand should note that...
    Benign cults do not;
    • Harm or injure their customers either physically or mentally 
    • Manipulate, hurt, exploits or brainwash their customers 
    • Shut out everyone who doesn't fit a specific set of criteria 
    However Benign cult;
    • Welcome anyone who wants to belong.
    • Has no price on admission.
    • Encourages any simply enthusiastic enough to join.
    • Have accountable leaders to the brand whom value the feedback of their customers
    How have you been running your business before now?
    A good review of this would help you know where you stand and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

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    Source: Bolivar J Bueno

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