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    How would you love to get the attention of an ideal customer?

    I have succeeded In attracting many from Africa using my invaluable content.

    Who are you trying to reach?

    What's their age, sex, interest, location and online behavior?

    I can easily define my target audience;

    They must be between 18-30years, either male or female based in Nigeria.

    My ideal customer must be interested in innovation-driven entrepreneurship;

    He or she must be a tech-savvy individual with a teachable spirit,

    A frequent user of Facebook, WhatsApp and Android mobile devices.

    I am aware that my prospects are often on the move, so I keep my content simple.

    Blogging is highly recommended for all business owners.

    It's an easier way of educating my audience.

    Be creative with multimedia.

    Guess what? I am loving content recycling, it's a time saver.

    Grammarly eliminates grammatical errors and enhances my writing.

    A weblog offers a great opportunity to flaunt your knowledge and expertise.

    Be committed to positioning yourself at the Go-To-Expert with your niche.

    Use attention grabbing and relevant headline.

    Avoid lengthy text, complicated vocabulary, and copyright issues.

    Action Words and Adjectives often recommended for use in blog titles.

    All your content should be hosted on a website...

    And shared through social media or email marketing platforms.

    All content created can always be converted into an e-newsletter.

    Plan to drive traffic to your site; which is your e-office.

    Be consistent.

    Analyze your traffic.

    While using analytics,

    Do not forget to apply filters that will eliminate your IP address.

    This enables you to get accurate data about your statistics.

    To be honest, there's a lot more to learn about weblogs

    Blogging involves a lot of trial and error.

    It requires content planning and social media scheduling.

    My content marketing strategy can only get better, find out what works for you.

    I am making so much progress in blogging, 

    Learning something new each day.

    If you stay connected I will share my learning outcomes with you.

    FYI, I intend to start using Infographics and Yoast plugins to assist with SEO.

    Yes - I am so tempted to migrate my blog to WordPress platform but

    Blogger has its own benefit too. I'm still undecided.

    Also, I am considering guest blogging.

    What about you?

    What is your digital marketing goals?


    You need help with any of the following;

    What to write? Research, Focus on your readers.

    Where to write? Select a platform that has more of your target audience

    How to optimize your content? Research, use keyword planner, and analytics.

    Tools that can help you create or share better content? <<Click here>>

    Drop your comments below, I will respond to you as soon as I can.


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