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  • Why are you In business?

    Is it to make money?

    Don't be deceived most startups fail.

    Perhaps to enjoy freedom or work less.

    Entrepreneurship requires hard work which places more demand on your time.

    Do not start a business just because you dislike your job or boss; this is a No-No.

    Entrepreneurship isn't easier than a nine to five job.

    Could it be you crave pride of ownership or fame?

    The success of the business is guaranteed if only you...

    Focus on creating and delivering value, not just becoming a celebrity.

    Possibly you do not wish to be answerable to anyone.

    You will always be accountable to customers, suppliers, employees and yourself.

    If you are in business just for the fun of it, be prepared for the good and bad times.

    The workload is often overwhelming.

    Maybe family and friends wants you in business.

    This can be problematic, although achievable.

    Deep thinking is highly recommended.

    Being motivated for right reasons;
    Helps you pursue dreams of starting and sustaining a profitable company.

    Is the entrepreneurship lifestyle for you?

    Protect yourself from the risk involved.

    Try identify what's driving you...

    So it becomes possible to clarify the desired outcome.

     If you don't start your business for the right reasons, it's destined for failure.

    Experience has always been the best teacher; mentorship is essential.

    Disciplined entrepreneurs do not force a new business idea.

    The necessary requirements for implementation must be present.

    Consider innovating or an unserved need in the marketplace.

    Choose an idea that exchanges value for money with a multiple paying customers.

    Validate your idea.

    Make no assumptions.

    Get feedback from potential customers.

     If you see an unsolved problem or unmet need in the market;
    Offer a superior solution.

    It's okay to improve learning or take on new responsibilities.

    Entrepreneurship offers great work experience.

    Adopting a forward thinking approach helps during challenging moments.

    The ability to maintain positivity, consistence, commitment  and determination distinguishes the successful entrepreneur.

    Never accept defeat nor failure.

    As you work hard and smart, your passion and excitement sustains.

    Leveraging on relevant industry experience will always be an added advantage when compared to a novice.

    It's certainly okay to have a great idea but you need basic resources to turn the opportunity into reality.

    Troubleshoot the idea.

    Assess your circumstance.

    Have you got the cash, contacts, information and know-how that'll help you accelerate your success?

    Connect with an innovator on the idea hunting platform;

    Let's discuss your project today!


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