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  • Offline Visibility Is Key

    Dear Mentee,

    Ref: Networking Events.

    Attendance is very important.

    Why do you shy away from meetings?  

    How do you want to get known, liked and trusted?

    In the bedroom? No - No

    Starting, managing and growing a successful business is not all about internet marketing.

    How long do you wish to remain a stranger within your local community?

    If you ain't comfortable with existing meetup - start another but focus on creating value while  differentiating yourself.

    There's no point replicating products or services that is low in demand or already in existence.


    I bet your neighbors don't even know what you do...

    How much more, your online connections believing your current location is as claimed.

    I challenge you to attend the next meet-up within your locality irrespective of your busy schedules.

    Thank you for adding value to my project. 

    I sincerely appreciate your patronage too. 

    I wish you good success in business.

    Don't forget,
    Compliance In Trade! 


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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Seriously, I'm just realising the need for offline visibility recently when a business that could have come to me was given to someone else.

      It's true that most people around us (in our localty) don't even know what we do. How so?

      1. Probably you had a marketing plan that could only get you noticed online.

        Try review.


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