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  • Why Do You Start A Business?

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    To start a company, 

    You must be passionate enough to migrate into owning either a technology or an Idea.

    What’s your motivation for considering entrepreneurship?

    Could it be more of making an impact on the world?

    Perhaps, you wish to maximize the use of your skills.

    Possibly, you just want to be your own boss.

    Different folk’s different strokes…

    My journey into entrepreneurship has been a mix of the following scenario but

    Idea in combination with passion has taken the lead.

    So, what’s the diverse ways of starting a company.

    Idea Driven-Entrepreneurs

    The term “Market Pull” refers to a situation whereby

    A requirement for a new solution to a problem prompted the start of a business.

    The need is recognised by potential customers or as an outcome of a market research.

    There is a proper understanding of the market implying lower risk but poor competitive advantage.

    If and when problem is solved, the idea becomes rewarding.

    Technology Driven-Entrepreneurs

    “Technology Push” involves starting a company based on an innovative technology

    Often derived from research and development in a laboratory.

    In this scenario, a market research is not necessary.

    Better described as a solution looking for a problem or a market.

    It’s somewhat complex route but rewarding because of the competitive advantage.

    Passion Driven-Entrepreneurs

    Usually have a powerful desire to become an entrepreneur.

    They wish to have a control on their destiny and test talents to the maximum.

    It’s wonderful thing to have the passion however it is not enough to start a company.

    Creating or joining a team that has got an idea or technology may be the preferred route.

    Are you able to sum up your idea, technology, or interest in one brief sentence?

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