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    Challenges Doing business in Nigeria

    While there are many opportunities for companies looking to do business in Nigeria, there are some challenges to be aware of. These include:

    ◇poor power supply nationwide
    ◇weak infrastructures across many sectors
    ◇some security challenges
    ◇government bureaucracy when awarding and paying for contracts
    ◇high level of corruption
    ◇high unemployment and poverty

    The top 10 UK exports to Nigeria are:

    ◇petroleum, petroleum products and related materials
    ◇power generation equipment
    ◇transport equipment
    ◇road vehicles
    ◇general industrial and office machinery/equipment
    ◇essential oils and perfume materials
    ◇medicinal and pharmaceutical products
    ◇textile yarn and fabrics
    ◇fruit and vegetables

    Opportunities for UK businesses in Nigeria

    1. Infrastructure

    ◇import and distribution of materials and equipment
    ◇hospitality and recreation real estate
    ◇warehousing, haulage and logistics
    ◇mass housing and road construction
    ◇manpower development and training in the rail subsector
    ◇services for loading and offloading goods

    2. Offshore Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

    ◇gas gathering
    ◇operating and securing processing facilities and pipelines

    3. Agriculture

    ◇equipment supply
    ◇education and training
    ◇food processing and manufacture
    ◇haulage, storage and waste recycling
    ◇poultry and fish farming
    ◇commercial mechanised Farms

    4. Education and Training

    ◇setting up and running universities and training centres
    ◇corporate training
    ◇supply of equipment and resources
    ◇distance learning products
    ◇collaborations with UK universities
    ◇behavioural and social training (soft skills)

    Source: UK Government 

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