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    Dear Mentee,

    Most solopreneurs needs a shoulder to lean on.

    Especially another ear that listens...

    Possibly one that helps solves problems from own experience.

    Without a paying customer,

    You have no business.

    This is the bitter truth.

    Yet you need multiple paying customers, continuous patronage or repeat businesses

    Collaboration is something else that may help achieve your business goals.

    Buying from one another can strengthen your relationship and possibly help normalize business for newbies.

    Do not shun positivity.

    You all have different gifting which could compliment each other.

    Focus more on the benefits this group has to offer.

    Complaints and worries is often a time wasters.

    I flee every form of negativity, condemnation or rejection.

    This is a wise thing to do.

    Entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work.

    You have enough to keep you busy.

    A day or time off to participate in a meeting like ignite meet-up is worth it.

    I can tell you that from my past experiences.

    Meetings like this stimulates creativity especially if teams are carefully recruited.

    This forum will not be applaud by everyone.

    If vision of this group doesn't align with your core values.

    Simply walk away,

    Don't try take others along with you.

    It will be an unfair thing to do.

    Projects like this requires your cooperation and dynamic teams to achieve set goals.

    You don't have to be the visionary or co-founer before you can add value.

    Do something,

    Stop nagging.

    Someone must initiate something especially when solving problems for everyone.

    Innovators created a place that allows you to increase contacts and expand your connections.

    Why not enjoy it...

    I hope you feel encouraged.

    To the organizers,


    Be flexible,

    Share the vision,

    Keep it simple for all

    Encourage creativity

    Innovate consistently

    So you are able to bring more value to the marketplace.


    Impact first, money follows

    See things from the eyes of your end users or beneficiaries.

    Allow the flow of constructive feedback.

    Fine tuning becomes easier.

    Above all,

    Encourage volunteering

    Give members a sense of belonging.

    Your best is yet to come...

    I wish you all good success.

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