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    Is entrepreneurship for you?

    Entrepreneurship is creating an entirely new business.

    What type of entrepreneurship would you consider?

    Small Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurship are;

    Organisations that remains small even though they have been around for a while.

    This is often a retailer or service based business serving a local opportunity.

    SMEs has no global expansion plans and can be distributed geographically.

    The focus is strictly on local markets with emphasis on addressing a specific need.

    This includes nusery, hair salon, restaurant, petrol retailer, dry cleaner, tax or legal service.

    They are very important to an economy because they often serve an unmet need.

    Although systems created by owners indicates a linear growth as cash flow generated is often insufficient and over time will gradually drifts out of the marketplace.

    Ownership is usually maintained by the owner or family.

    Innovation is often not important to SMES.


    The Innovation driven business  is a type of entrepreneurship that aims to serve a global or teritorial market such as Google, Facebook, ITunes,  Apple, Amazon, or PayPal.

    It involves team players who is more interested in creating wealth than control.

    They require startup and working capital because this business system initially loses money but over time growth becomes exponential with improved cash flow if successful as it has got a broader market.

    Based on the initial investment, funds or capital requirements, shareholders will be necessary as it involves higher risk.

    The type of training required for SMEs is definitely different from the latter.

    Learning must include managing multiple stakeholders and the innovation process.

    Continuously innovating model, process or technology sets the company apart.

    Chances of success is very low but if successful, they tend to grow really big creating many more jobs when compared to SMEs.

    So what's your preference? Let's discuss your interests.

    Although my focus remains innovation driven entrepreneurship.

    I recommend equity trading to promote the debatable growth of your company.

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