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  • Progression Plans

    Dear Mentee,

    I am concerned about your progression plans.

    I love to get more information from you for a proper situational analysis.

    What's your trading start date?

    When exactly did money start exchanging hands In Your business?

    Have you defined your brand in the marketplace?

    Is your business registered?

    Do you own a corporate bank account?

    Separate business from personal life;

    • Money
    • Contacts
    • Relationships

    Are you registered as a tax payer?

    Avoid Fines

    Trade in a complaint manner 

    Has your business started creating jobs?

    How many employees have you got?

    Plan to recruit 

    The Business Development Manager

    Have you got expansion and sustainability in mind?

    What's your strategic growth plan for the next 3-5years?

    Write the Vision 

    Make it easier for your team members (Partners,  Staff & Funders) or the next generation to understand and continue with the project you have started.


    • Entrepreneurship not freelancing
    • Business ownership over self employment

    Try create a system of solutions and delivery around your idea

    Know your business costs

    Forecast sales

    Set Targets

    Make money 

    Increase sales and maximize profits

    Save money; reduce your expenses

    Keep records

    Take the business online

    Be visible online and offline

    Budget before executing

    Include a web blog and professional email in the budget

    Stop impulse buying

    Plan before spending

    Anticipate returns on investment

    Create Value 

    Dominate; do not compete

    Compare yourself with your past not with others

    Ask the right questions;

    Listen More

    Get feedbacks from customers and end users

    Focus on satisfying the end users of your products

    Review your business plan, strategy, products and services continuously

    Look out for collaboration opportunities

    You need multiple paying customers

    Promote Your Brand

    Sell, Sell & Sell

    Do NOT sell to everyone

    Select a beach head market

    Avoid time wasters

    Save Time

    Work smart

    Automate systems

    Start Small, Think Big and Scale Fast

    Learn from failures

    Enjoy your achievements and all plans

    Keep interested in your career

    Invest more in self development

    Exercise caution in your business affairs

    Be yourself

    I care - stay connected

    Your success is my happiness.

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