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  • The Creative You

    Can you recall being stuck?

    Then you got insights and a breakthrough!

    How did you use that new idea to resolve challenging problems or improve quality of your life?

    I bet you can conveniently apply this experience in making innovative ideas better and successful.

    Take a moment to study history, assess how creative people think and work.

    Pay attention to how ideas are generated, developed and eventually became popular.

    Your ability to transform ideas into a problem-solving tool makes you an idea innovator.

    Are you dissatisfied with the way things are within your sphere of influence?

    Do something but start with yourself, effect the desired change.

    Strive to migrate from criticism and complain.

    You can seek and create better solutions.

    Innovation is practical creativity.

    Get inspiration and use it.

    Be bold and smart.

    Keep it simple.

    Nurture Ideas.


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