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  • Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

    My mentor taught and dumped me...

    Does it really matter? May be not

    I am now a better entrepreneur and that's all that matters to me

    Check out some valuable lessons learned in business;
    • Innovation comes from simple ideas with a twist and it always satisfy a basic need.
    • Brainstorm, think deep and fast.
    • Prepare the basic form of a product.
    • Test it now, send to potential customers and get feedback.
    • Do not waste valuable time drafting a complex plan that is subject to change.
    • Make short-term plans and adapt as often as needed.
    • Manage your time, business and relationships.
    • Look for opportunities to help people.
    • Don’t expect to be compensated.
    • Focus: Be known for something.
    • Celebrate achievements especially the small wins.
    • Stay Motivated.

    How have you benefited from the voice of experience?

    I would love to know your thoughts.

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