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  • Value Based Selling

    Key Ingredients For Increasing Perceived Value To Your Customers And Prospects

    • Never neglect adding value to yourself.
    • Create valuable products or services especially for end users.
    • Be clear and specify your process of selling in favor of your clients.
    • Maintain the right disposition. If need be, consider an attitude adjustment and/or mindset shift.
    • Adapt your standard selling style to suit prospective buyers, LISTEN more and get liked.
    • Dare to be unique, get personal and practical with your customers. Create notable moments.
    • Love your job, products or services. Get seen [only] at your best. Nourish the excitement.


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    ...TRUE VALUE!

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    You'll learn:

    • new ways to open the "closed doors" in your territory.
    • Specific upper-hand and value plus selling strategies. 
    • How to build awesome customer relationships.
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    Here's a better way.

    Get them talking . . .

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    At last, the secret is out. You'll win more sales when you ask better questions. There is a powerful and easy way to awaken and unleash double digit sales growth for your territory. It's all spelled out in this easy to understand and even easier to apply new book. This book contains a treasure chest of practical ideas that will work for you. You'll discover new ways to open the "closed doors" in your territory. Included in the book are specific upper-hand selling strategies and value plus selling strategies. You'll also take away ideas on how to build awesome customer relationships. You'll also get "12" really good questions to ask your customers.


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