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  • 2017 - Save? Spend? Invest?

    Ways to increase or waste your income 

    Let your money work for you.

    If you are still working for money, perhaps you ain't ready to be wealthy.

    Make an investment; look for a lucrative business opportunity to invest in, estate or any good one.

    You must invest for the future not just today.

    Create a system that becomes a money making machine. 

    This is why I love networking, alough it has its own price tag such as data or travel cost.

    Avoid distractions, shun the lazy girls and non refreshing drinks. Invest in information

    Financial freedom start from mind - I will be investing in self development:


    My plan includes investing in talented individuals, passionate entrepreneurs and a realistic business plan. 

    In business,  I need to know my cost before spending - I SAY NO TO IMPULSE BUYING IN 2017.

    I may adopt dad's strategy of having twenty pounds as savings before considering to spend a pound.

    Do not forget to invest in health - HEALTH IS WEALTH.

    Yes to philanthropy and repel the devil with tithe.

    If you plan to leave a legacy for the next generation - start now!

    Are you still undecided about how to spend your income? Ask me how.


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