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  • Work Smart Save Money Get Paid

    1. Claim and master your subject.
    2. Get positioned as the #1 go to expert.
    3. Build credibility by telling your own story.
    4. Produce quality content or programs to serve paying customers.
    5. Offer an irresistible e-Product for free to attract your target audience.
    6. An online presence is key to promoting valuable products or services.
    7. Hire a coach learn how to engage with prospects or clients like a professional.
    8. Become more successful by convincing and persuading people to change.
    9. Be original - share what you know and believe.
    10. Do not work alone, grow a high-performing team.
    11. Dare to be different and creative with your business model.
    12. Challenge the thinking of people or professionals in your field. 
    13. Be bold - stepping on toes is inevitable to be known, liked and trusted as an expert.
    14. If you found this tips interesting and desire to schedule some time with me - CLICK NOW.
    15. Plan to work smart in 2017 while saving and making money - simply avoid procrastination.

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