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  • No Money - Start Small

    Many start-up entrepreneurs limit their creativity with the “lack mentality” while some companies with potential for high-growth complain about insufficient working capital to scale their business. Choosing an affordable business, one within budget is a reasonable way to achieve progress and success

    I started small using my time and abilities. My limitations were just unreal, so are yours. Make up your mind to start now. I bet you will find the tips below very helpful;

    ☆ Take an inventory of your skills and knowledge.
    ☆ Test your product or services as a virtual company.
    ☆ Revise your idea to achieve low capital requirements.
    ☆ Avoid fixed cost and enjoy low risk with affordable one-off payments.
    ☆ Make a realistic business plan i. e. revenue minus expenses equals desired salary.
    ☆ Generate attention using free marketing tool like Facebook, blogger and public presentation.
    ☆ Increase your income by networking - never sell to strangers, build new relationships.
    ☆ Keep a part-time job for support during moments of hardship or investment.
    ☆ Mistakes are acceptable, do not prolong the plan - get started.
    ☆ Spy on successful entrepreneurs, check websites, learn fast and be a doer.

    1. Wow, this is quite helpful.Thanks, Ade.

      1. I am glad you found the tips helpful. Go for it - take actions now.
        Looking forward to hear more of your success stories.
        Best wishes

    2. I must also add that startup are really facing difficulties especially when it comes to decision making.

      Adam Grant, author and professor at Wharton has this to say:
      If no one would ever find out about my accomplishments, how would I lead differently?

      Start up need to find this post interesting.

    3. Thanks
      Ade.Am Learning
      Fast and
      Being a Doer indeed


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