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  • The Focused And Upcoming Entrepreneur

    Who you are as a focused and upcoming entrepreneur . . . 
    How should you think as a focused and upcoming entrepreneur . . . 

    As a focused upcoming entrepreneur, Garri, Water and Sugar may be your best friend in the beginning instead of Pizza, Sea Foods, etc.. Don't blink! Don't Fret!

    As a focused and upcoming entrepreneur, your friends may take the business class seat of the plane while you're in the night bus or economy flight of the plane.. Smile a bit, you'll eventually buy the airline.

    As a young upcoming entrepreneur, your best friend cannot be a salary earner. You're speaking two different languages. He's speaking in Arabic terms, you're speaking in French. You'll both confuse yourselves.

    As a focused upcoming entrepreneur, you'll rather do what it takes to build your own house eventually no matter how long it takes rather than the facade of moving from one rented luxury apartment to the other; "wisdom is scarce"

    As a focused upcoming entrepreneur, your money goes into CDs, books, courses that build your mind on residual income rather than movies, latest gadgets, etc.

    As a focused upcoming entrepreneur (female), don't get troubled because you invested the human hair money on internet connectivity and business gadgets like projector, screen, slide sorters, videos, travels that would expand your mind and network. The money you need is in someone else's hands. It's not in heaven. Heaven itself designed that structure - NETWORK.

    Females are never decorated with "sexy" for life. There's a time when beauty doesn't matter any longer, it's now brains. Every young female has a graduation date from BEAUTY to BRAINS. Sadly many miss the graduation event and just fizzle out.

    Empower your minds with Jim Rohn, Natalie Heeley, John Maxwell, Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki, Matt Morris. Years later you'll see the difference between you and those that strictly empowered their minds with Telemundo and keeping up with the Kardashians.

    Don't just swallow all I've written above... 

    The key word all through is FOCUS.

    As a FOCUSED and upcoming entrepreneur, ask yourself:

    Am I doing the right thing everyday or just trying out for quick money?

    FOCUS! Let your focus blind you.


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