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    Government Agencies and Scanning Companies.

    This heap of rice behind me is in one of my bonded warehouses. 

    I have a buyer in Portsmouth, England  and we have sealed the contract.  

    I have all my export documentation ready except for one and at this point, that man on top is from one of the scanning companies and has come to inspect my products before issuing a clean certificate to me.

    That certificate determines if I can still ship this product or not.

    Now, how do you tell if he is a government employee or not?

    Within the past two days, while chasing an Export License for a client  I heard so many people muddle up a Government Agency with a Scanning Company.  

    Funny thing was, these are people I expected to know better.

    A government Agency is wholly owned by the Govt (SON, NAFDAC, NDLEA) while Scanning companies are independent private firms which are appointed by the government Agencies to partner with them for Trade purposes.

    For example, take our SON (Standards Organization of Nigeria)  and their numerous Scanning companies like SGS, Intertek etc. 

    SON is Govt owned and issue out certificates after an inspection, via the Scanning Companies they partner with to carry out inspections.

    So for Exporters within Nigeria, Cobalt is not a Government Agency but a scanning company.   They are responsible for inspecting your products just before shipment.

    They do not issue Export License.  

    When in doubt, always seek expert advise.

    Is there any Trade related concerns you have? Amara Nnaji and I will help.


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