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    Oluwadamilola Fagade claims to be worried and confused but with reference to this profile picture, her appearance doesn’t reflect nor match her claims. I will appreciate if any concerned individual on this forum can offer some constructive feedback and advice. Thank you.

    Hello Ade, Thanks for adding me to your group.

    l am very worried and confused. I need your feedback and advice.

    I am 38 years old, I hail from Ondo state, married with children and  a Christian. 

    I have HND and OND in accountancy, PGD in economics, certified personal financial planner. 

    I have years of experience in accounting, marketing and client relationship management. 

    I worked with a stockbroking and training company where l got all my experience and more. 

    I resigned when the market was bad into my passionate business which is catering. 

    I love cooking for event, making sure my client eat and they are happy. But patronage was poor.

    I lost all my savings when l took up a catering job with a company as there canteen food supplier. Bribe here and there so l had to quit the catering business. 

    My husband is a business man, his business too was been taken over by technology, so no money to take care of the children and pay our bills. I had to get a job for any stable income. 

    l eventually got employed as the accountant in a guest house but my sister it is like war. No constant salary, poor working condition and remuneration is very poor. 

    l want to go back to business but have not been able to save up anything. 

    I don't know what to go into and no money as start-up capital. 

    I don't feel comfortable anymore in catering business but l know am good in marketing and training, talking to people. 

    l don't know if you can make up anything from my write up and help me thanks.

    If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! Thank you.

    SIGNED: Oluwadamilola Fagade

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