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  • A Fearful Entrepreneur And The Taxman

    • I have the business idea and the necessary skill to start the business but I am scared. What can I do?
    • As an entrepreneur, is the tax man my friend?
    • What are the various types of taxes in Nigeria and which tax type concerns me? 
    • What are some of the reasons why small business owners don’t pay tax? 
    • How can these reasons be overcome?
    • How many percent is Tax from my profit? 
    • The company I work for pay tax, but they pay far less than expected.What can I do to change this as an employee without getting sacked?
    • Why should I pay tax?
    • When should I start paying tax?
    • What are some of the fears entrepreneurs must conquer?
    • What is the tax process like? Would it be wise to hire a taxman to help with the process?

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