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  • Enterprise☆Hour - Episode 11

    This was our discussion on the 11th episode.

    ATTRACT, Serve and Retain High-Net Worth CLIENTS

    It took me a while to understand what my first business partner and mentor was trying to achieve. Little did I know that his words and deeds were just a reflection of his teaching style.  I will like to share some of his tactics while we assess the benefits together;

    1. My abandoned car was repaired.
    2. I got a standby driver.
    3. I had to opportunity to use my mentors car, depending on outing type.
    4. I got my wardrobe changed.
    5. Enrolled in another Masters class, even when I was already a graduate in that field.
    6. Registered with industry associations and chambers of commerce.
    7. Delegated to represent or escort my mentor to any party, dinners or event with distinguished personalities.
    8. I was always given mints (Money, Kudi, Owo) to spray at the events.
    9. I got a golf kit as a birthday gift
    10. I had free access to the golf course and club house.
    11. My office was furnished.
    12. A personal assistant was paid for on a monthly basis.
    13. Hired meeting rooms when expecting VIP clients.
    14. All his business cards and contact list were handed over to me till date.
    15. I was introduced to all contacts prior to initiating contact – wife inclusive
    16. Frequent participation in business plan reviews
    17. Meeting Angel investors regularly etc

    To be honest, it’s an unending list. 

    The most important of it all was I was privileged to hear his success stories and learn from any of his past mistakes in business.

    What am I getting at? 


    I have succeeded in getting the attention of VIPs in the mining industry and my contact list is still growing.  Thanks to my wonderful coach and name sake – Ade Ojuoko.

    What’s your value proposition?

    Who are your customers?

    Where do you find them?

    How can you find them?

    If you are on this platform you must be privileged to have direct contact with me.

    I have a lot more to share, just like I got served by my mentor who believed so much in me.

    Enterprise hour avails you all the opportunity to discuss how lessons learnt by others can be 

    COPIED, ADAPTED to suit your type of business before considering to PASTE  it into your business model

     On this episoe, I am hosting Joseph Philip who is so desirous of scaling his business.

    Based on my experience and yours, What would you recommend?

    Key Words: Niche, Party, Dinner, Networking, Research, Philanthropy, Country Clubs, Neighborhood

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