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  • Decisive Tips For Startups

    Be decisive about taking your business to the next level;

    Start with research
    Identify needy customers
    Hire a coach or consultant
    Create valuable products

    Know your cost
    Monetize the offering
    Document and assess the plan
    Kill idea or proceed to implementation

    Create systems and procedures 
    Raising startup and working capital
    Name your business
    Trademark your brand
    Get registered with CAC and FIRS

    Develop Website, Social media, emailing account
    Obtain licences, permits, insurance, tax ID and clearance
    Are your SCUMUL certified or exempted?
    Open a business account.
    Prepare the workstation

    Accelerate networking
    Build new relationship
    Engage your audience
    Grow your mailing list
    Employ support staff
    Promote the benefits
    Generate leads
    Flaunt features
    Sell Sell Sell

    Don't forget Monthly VAT or Annual returns
    Trade in a compliant manner 

    Sell Sell Sell
    Ask for feedbacks and referrals
    Improve product or service delivery 
    Review the growth strategic plans

    Find more paying customers
    Serve and retain them
    Be innovative
    Think Global
    Sell Sell Sell

    Sustain the business 
    Add economic value to the nation

    What's new in Nigeria? 
    I would like to know if am missing something very important.

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