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  • Creativity Limited By Lack Mentality

    It bothers me that many start-up entrepreneurs limit their creativity with the “lack mentality” while the businesses with potential for high-growth complain about insufficient working capital to scale their business.

    I don’t just get it; something must be wrong somewhere.

    I have chosen to only start an affordable business, one within my budget. 

    I love to start small using what I have knowledge, skills, time and energy with the intention of scaling the business.

    You may wish to ask; How can I know if my idea is affordable? 

    By conducting a thorough research and preparing a business plan with a cash flow analysis.
    The results often indicate; Yes It is or No it is not an affordable idea.
    At this stage, I do not waste time about decision making;
    Its either I kill the idea or make good progress.

    In contrast to likes of  Anita Okanigbe-John, Simon John Umaru, Michael Emelieze and others, I never started a business using personal savings (as many consider me as a spend thrift – lol) but I have been very lucky with getting credit facilities, grants, gifts from friends and family to support my business idea at every time ‘T’.

    What if you don’t have such opportunities? 
    Stay positive…

    This will be possible if and only if you keep your ears close to the ground, stay connected to givers who believe in your dreams and always have a business plan at hand. 
    Yes, "BE PREPARED" in the words of Mentor Aide Uduoise. 

    This has been my preferred and successful strategy. 
    You never can tell when the wind will blow in your direction to favor you.

    For this reason, I recommend ‘BE PREPARED’ – know your start-up cost or funding requirement. 

    If associates, friends and family are not keen giving you cash as a freebie someone else may consider investing in exchange for equity.

    As an entrepreneur, I am open-minded. 
    I am up for partnership or selling equity. 

    I definitely flee loan and overdraft. Thanks to the words of wisdom from my late mom #HelenTitilayo who never considered a loan all through her entrepreneurial journey in life.

    How would you fund the start-up or growing business? I would love to know your opinion.


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