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  • Collaborative Value Creation - SMEs

    Based on my trading experience and research findings, I noticed continuous support is not readily available for entrepreneurs in without a price tag.

    Enterprise☆Hour is an ideal platform to discuss the following topics in favour of startups and existing SMEs;

    • Websites; Getting Results and Improving your Search Engine Ranking
    • Disciplined Entrepreneurship: FOCUS! FOCUS!! FOCUS!!!
    • Crafting and perfecting your elevator pitch
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Tools
    • Managing research and development
    • Retain and grow your customer base
    • Prepare a business plan for growth
    • Using innovation in your business
    • Tactics, strategy and mindset
    • Choosing your exit strategy
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Why are you in business
    • Mastering Selling skills
    • Business gamification
    • Who is your customer
    • Intellectual property
    • When to kill an Idea
    • Time management
    • Brand recognition
    • Employing people
    • Value proposition
    • Health and safety
    • Cash flow is king
    • Risk awareness
    • Crowd sourcing
    • Crowd funding
    • Trading online
    • Credit Control
    • Sustainability
    • Negotiations
    • Bookkeeping
    • Think global
    • Insurance
    • Tendering 
    • Taxation etc
    It's an unending list...


    Why: To solve entrepreneurial problems
    Where: Enterprise☆Hour
    When: Every Monday 8pm - 9pm GMT
    How: Follow this url

    Do you wish to help create more jobs and wealth for our nation?

    Are you skilled or knowledgeable in any of the areas stated above?

    Would you like to join the team creating more value for the unemployed youths?

    Can you sacrifice an hour from your valuable time to help a struggling entrepreneur?


    Brand Recognition
    Get known, liked and trusted.
    Expand your network home and abroad.
    Be the to first hear about opportunities that will appeal to you, your business and loved ones.

    What employees do we intend to take now or in the near future?
    1. Accountant
    2. Administrators
    3. Business Advisors
    4. Communications Manager
    5. Business Development Manager

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    Let's get to know your area of COMPETENCY and LOCATION;


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