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     A source of inspiration to you...

    That's absolutely all you need when starting out in business.
    The coach or mentor will guide you through the entrepreneurial process.

    Mentors will be your leverage in the business world;
    Be it financially, intellectually or otherwise.

    A business mentor or coach helps avoid some silly mistakes that will hurt you and your business; thereby saving unnecessary stress and loss of capital.

    Need a business coach or mentor?

    Here's a guideline for choosing an ideal personality;

    Go for a role model that you admire and respect.
    I mean someone whose lifestyle inspires you.

    Your preferred coach or mentor must be experienced in the game of investing and business.

    Flexibility and freedom of time are key;
    Otherwise, your chosen mentor won’t be able to teach you.

    He or she must be willing to share his or her knowledge and experience with you;
    Either on a free or paid basis.
    I bet you 've been privileged to enjoy some freebies from me.

    A good coach or mentor must be an established entrepreneur, not just an adviser.

    It is the experience gained and lessons learned;
    While undergoing the entrepreneurial process
    That qualifies him or her to be a business mentor.

    Your business coach or mentor must be a doer, not just a preacher.

    Guess what?
    I have an offer just for you!  It's an accelerator program.

    Are you enterprising? Be it startup or existing business owner
    Would you like to make an impact in your sphere of influence?
    Do you feel your friends and family don't support you becoming an entrepreneur?

    You are not alone!
    Sincerely, I feel your pains and fears.
    I am concerned about your needs, ideas, plans and that new technology.

    This is a personal invitation for you to join -
    My Internet-based training and mentoring class;
    Which is designed to assist you in developing your
    Business plans, business skills and future aspirations for growth.

    Trust me, you will gain more support from my wealth of knowledge -
    In entrepreneurship, leadership and community development in favour of your own project.

    What's in it for Ade?
    Simply, self-actualization via community actions.
    I wish to encourage much more youths to be like me.
    Thereby contributing my economic and social benefits to my home country.
    Above all, It's my way of saying thank you to all my mentors, sponsors and leaders.

    How does it work?
    It's interactive and less hassle for all participants.
    Depending on your circumstance, registration fees may apply.
    Currently, it is free for young school leavers and social entrepreneurs.
    It's flexible and your project remains confidential.
    Involves a drop file and discussion forum.

    What's in it for you?
    Skills acquisition
    Associating with like minded individuals
    Possibly funding and/or fund raising awareness;

    Getting the basic principles right, is so important to becoming successful.
    Learn how to see through the eyes of your customers and/or end users;
    Making yourself investment ready!

    How do I Join?
    Click here to request a pre-assessment session.

    The minimum requirements include;
    Good ICT & communication skills
    Uninterrupted Internet and power supply

    If you know someone that this article may interest, feel free to share.

    I look forward to seeing the right audience on that platform.
    Important Dates:
    • Course Start Date: 18th September
    • Course End Date: 22nd of September
    • 50% discounts apply to any enrolments before the 15th of September


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