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  • Be Rich 'N' Wealthy By Selling


    I am a salesman that can sell anything.
    Selling is the world's highest paid profession. 
    If you want to be rich and wealthy, learn how to sell.

    I started selling while I was in primary school. After school hours, I would help my mother to sell fried fish, plaintain chips and beans cake (akara). During secondary school days, I would help my father to sell fresh fish before going to school in the morning. Afterwards, I also helped my mother in her provision shop. These experiences has refined my selling skills.

    At the moment, I can confidently anything, even my poo. Ain't it funny? I left the comfort zone of my parent at the age of 18 upon successful completion of my secondary education. Since then, I have sustained myself by selling my skills and time to earn a living. I am skilled at promoting the sales of other people's products such as books and electronics.

    Some of the richest people in the world have something selling. How does Dangote makes money? Simply by selling cement, salt, indomie and other commodities to defined customers on a daily basis. What about Mike Adenuga? He makes money by selling recharge card to the mass market. Facebook also generates revenue from selling advertising space to a large audience while Microsoft sells software and apps to paying customers. In my opinion, you can't be rich and wealthy without selling.

    My question for you today is; what are you selling?
    The world is a market place, think of what you can sell. Wake up and be Innovative

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